Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Barry M Buzz Kit

On saturday I went out and bought the Sun newspaper and flicked through to find the enclosed magazine called Buzz, which had a voucher inside for a free Barry M make-up kit worth £9.

As soon as I got home I tried out each of the items, actually I tried the lipgloss as I was walking back to the car! So here goes my first review:

1 - The Lipgloss, It's a very pale pink colour, but the colour doesn't really show up all that much on your lips, it smells lovely, like sweets, but the tube isn't that great to use! I found it a little more difficult to apply than other lipglosses and I got little clumps of colour in the corners of my lips. As it was free I would say it was OK, but I wouldn't have liked to pay for it.

2 - The Kohl Pencil, this was sooooo hard to apply to my eyes, I could not get a dark black line with it, it was more like a charcoal colour, the product didn't come out smooth at all, it was bitty, almost like when a biro is running out of ink and some bits are light blue and some are dark blue, it rubs off easily and it would work well to do smoky eyes. But overall I would have to say, it's definately not all that!

3 - Nail Paint, the colour in the bottle looks like a dusky/dirty mid pink. With just one coat on my nails it looks like a dull coral shade of pink, with the second coat on it looks more like the colour in the bottle. It would be colour I would wear most in Autumn. Even without a top coat it is very glossy, which I like! It was easy to apply, but I needed to put a fair amount of product on the brush to get a smooth applicatioHopefully it hasn't gone on too thick! I will try and update with how it lasts in the next week, but so far I really quite like this nail polish! I wonder how it will look with the instant effects on top??

Anyway thats it for now!

Please comment and let me know what you think! All feedback is welcomed!

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